Important Safety Features

We consider the safety of our customers. For that reason, at Brite Washworld our convenient locations in Dawson Creek feature safe, bright lighting on the property, in each self-service bay and vacuum stand. Our central vacuums are the best commercial systems available, providing powerful suction to clean the interior of your vehicle quickly and efficiently. For your added and enhanced protection, we also accept debit and credit cards in addition to cash. 

At Brite Washworld , we offer convenient self-service car wash options. Most people think of an exterior-conveyor style wash when it comes to a car wash, but there are other types. Our self-service car wash facilities utilize brush-and-hose combinations that distribute detergent and other cleaners to enable you to clean your car with ease. In Dawson Creek , we understand that having a clean car is essential to keeping it rust- and contaminant-free, and we are the best place for the customers who prefer to do it themselves  

Customize Your Wash

At Brite Washworld , we take pride in maintaining well-kept and clean facilities with multiple features that are environmentally friendly for our Dawson Creek patrons. We even post instructions in each bay to help you choose the correct washing procedure to ensure that the finished product meets your satisfaction. Features, options and highlights available to customize your car wash include:

A full menu of wash types during the cycle, such as low- and high-pressure pre-soak and spot-free rinse
Countdown timers to ensure you have ample time to clean thoroughly
Special soaps, including bug removers, clear coat protectants and poly shell conditioners
Foaming brush for scrubbing action and superior tire shine
High-pressure hot and cold soft water wash
High-powered, self-service vacuums that are fast, powerful and easy to use
Vending machines, containing car care products, glass cleaner and microfiber towels to make your car sparkle inside and out